Arri Alexa Mini

ALEXA Mini Body
ALEXA MINI ARRI 4:3 License Key
Titanium PL LDS Mount with L-Bus
Generel Purpose IO Box GPB-1
Bebob V-Mount Battery Adapter
Pro Accessory Set
ALEXA Mini Viewfinder
Viewfinder cable 75 cm (29")
1x V-Mount Battery Charger
4x Bebob V-Mount Batteries
4x CFast 2.0 Card 128 GB
1x CFast 2.0 Card Reader
1x Shoulder Pad CSP-1
1x Shape Handles with Handlebridge


Arri Alura Zoom 45 - 250 / T2.6
2x Supporting Pipe 19mm long 60cm
Supporting Bracing 14mm
Supporting Bracing 27mm
Supporting Bracing 35mm
3/8" Tripod Support
Lens Support Universal 15+19mm Chrosziel
Knurled thumb screw
2x Focus Hand Gear
Eisele Case

Teradek Bolt Pro TX3RX (733) Wireless Video

1x Wireless HD-SDI Transmitter / 3x Receiver Set

Wireless Follow Focus

Cforce Mini Lens Motor Set including
1x Cforce Mini Motor
1x Cable LBUS 30cm
1x Single Axis Unit SXU-1


1x TV-Logic 5.6 SDI Monitor & Cabling, Batteries, Magicarm etc.
1x SmallHD 502 SDI Monitor & Cabling, Batteries, Magicarm etc.

DJI Ronin Gimbal

AFL Ronin GL Support Bracket SSH
AFL Ronin GL Support Bracket X5S
DJI B Arm Kit 50mm for Ronin
DJI C Arm Kit 40mm for Ronin
3x DJI Ronin Batteries
DJI Ronin HG900 Counter Weight Set
HPRC Hard Shell Suitcase for DJI Ronin
DJI Ronin Quick Switsch Battery System
2x Arm Extensions 50mm
1x Pan Axis Extension 40mm
Ipad Mini

Easyrig Vario 5

Vario 5 Easyrig with adjustable weight range from 5-17kg (11-38 lbs)
1x Serene Extension Arm
1x Serene Heavy Weight Spring

Flowcine Serene & 2-Axis Puppeteer

Flowcine Serene a patent pending two axis spring arm that attaches at the end of the Easyrig (2/2.5/3 or Vario5 arm. It stabilises vibrations and motion errors on the vertical axis and side to side errors.
The patent pending 2-axis Puppeteer is an anti-vibration mount made to eliminate the motion coming from the Easyrig cord while walking or running.

Tripod & Head

Sachtler Video 18III + Carbon Tripod, floor spider and wedge plate


For quite some time I worked as a photographer in the Middle East which kind of made me a Cinematographer after all.

For 9 years I am a DoP now. Mainly shooting Commercials, Music Videos and Image & Feature Film.

I am based in Hamburg.

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